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Ocean City 2015

I originally posted ONE pic of my trip to Ocean City, Maryland on this blog, but never really elaborated on it. It's also taken me nearly 2 years to really get around to posting a video of my trip.  So, here you go!  Enjoy!


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HOSIERY REVIEW: I See Your Legs - Luxurious Legwear

"Tights to fit your lifestyle" is what is said on the front of the packaging. Too many times both men (who wear hosiery) and women would pack a spare pair of tights/pantyhose and they have to find some way of carrying them, especially NOT in their original packages in case of the dreaded rip or ladder/run.  Denmark's I See Your Legs sets out to change that by not only bringing you luxury hosiery, but by innovating how to market and carry them along with you!
I See Your Legs emphasizes their new packaging to fit your lifestyle.  Life happens and having "an ideal solution in case of any unexpected event" is perfect for someone who needs a spare on the spot without bulky packaging.  Their distinctive gold packaging is perfect for anyone on the go. Easy to open, easy to store away, easy to carry along.  This is what hosiery lovers need to be on the go. 
What I also love is that they are catering BOTH genders!!!  They WANT MEN as well as women and I find this VERY r…

Hosiery Review: Glamory For Men - Thermoman 100 Footless Leggings

What I find satisfying these days is how more and more hosiery companies are finally getting on the men's hosiery bandwagon.  From the small niche companies to major players in the industry, leggings is what I believe is what opened men's hosiery to the mainstream.  Whether you wear for fashion, exercise, medical (in my case), fetish or whatever reason, this industry has exploded!  
Enter Glamory For Men Hosiery. Glamory offer a wide array of hosiery made specifically for men.  Some guys prefer footed hosiery, others prefer footless hosiery or leggings. I had the chance to review their Glamory For Men Support 40 pantyhose which you can find HERE. This time around, they sent me a pair of their Thermoman 100 leggings.  
Perfect for athletic activity such as running or working out, Glamory For Men Thermoman 100 legging provide good warmth and coverage and compression to keep your legs warm and protected.

These leggings when you order them only come in black. So, if you're lo…

Hosiery Review: Glamory Support 40

As many people know, I'm not shy about showing my or discussing about the hosiery that I wear. If there is anything that missing a lot in the hosiery world, is that there isn't many reviews for support styled hosiery.   As many people who have come to know me, I'm all about support or compression hosiery or leggings of any sort.  Why, you may say?  It's sorely needed in the men's world. Thankfully, Glamory Hosiery of Germany has entered the men's hosiery world and offers a couple of different support styles for us guys!  
Tim of Glamory (in the U.S.) was gracious enough to send me their Glamory Support 40 tights in "Teint" color. They only have 2 colors, Black and Teint (nude).
According to their website, they talk about the acceptance of men wearing tights...
"It is now accepted that men wear tights, and for many reasons – sporting activities, to keep warm in the cold, to keep cool in hot weather, as a fashion statement, to ease leg health compl…