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HOSIERY REVIEW- Daymod Venus 40s

 Daymod Hosiery

Normally when I do reviews of hosiery, it's usually because I either: 1. Received hosiery from a company via talking with them on the internet/social media or 2. Buy them myself and decide to do a review for all of my fans.  But, today is a rare exception.  Today's review was sent to me via a fan of my blog and social media!  HOW COOL!!!  This is only the 2nd time this has happened and I am more that excited to bring this review to you. A BIG THANK YOU to my fan from Turkey for sending me these wonderful hosiery for me to trial and review!

For those that follow me knows that I'm a big fan of shiny hosiery. I'm even more excited when I'm able to trial and review hosiery that's both shiny AND has support since I normally wear support hosiery daily to control my Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).  Daymod hosiery presents this in the Venus 40 support pantyhose.

Daymod is a hosiery and sock company founded and based out of Turkey.  In their own words:

Daymod offers a wide array of fashion hosiery for just about any age and occasion. Daymod's Venus 40's offer high shine and glamorous fashion with light support for your legs.  I trialed 2 to different colors, "Gray" and "Skin" in size 3 (Large).  This fit well with my 5ft 10in (177.8cm) height. They do have a "Maxi" size for those that are larger/taller.

These are 40 denier, so they are fairly thick, and they come in a variety of colors: Black, Dark Skin, Skin, Cashmire and Naturel.  Now these colors are found on the website, but I was sent a gray/silver colored pair that I couldn't find on the order page. So, I'm assuming that this color might not be available.   

The packaging is very nice and protects the hosiery quite well.  Also, the main package has an open window at the top to show the actual color. Once opened, you are greeted buy your hosiery wrapped in a clear cellophane bag for extra protection. 

Out of the package, the hosiery is wrapped around a robust cardstock that advertises other styles for both adults on one side and children on the other side.  The language is in Turkish, so I have no idea what is being said.

You can also see in regular light (even low regular light) that these are very shiny. 

Photo taken with a flash

Photo taken without a flash 

Labeled as "Bright sheer tights with reinforced toe", Venus 40s features a moderately wide, yet comfortable waistband, and a thicker, deep, matte (not shiny) control top brief that also lacks a gusset. I generally don't mind this lack of a gusset as along as there is plenty of stretch and room for the "male equipment". In this case, this wasn't a big problem. 

Once again, they are 40 denier in appearance, but surprisingly they actually look thinner than that! The look is similar to a cross between Wolford's Neon 40s and Nordstrom's Gloss pantyhose! The shine is incredible!

Made with:  90% Nylon, 10% Elastaine

As you can see, the reinforced toe is slightly matte in look, but doesn't stand out too much for use in sandals or open-toed shoes. Also, the control top brief is quite roomy and surprisingly comfortable!

In cloudy, flat light, these pantyhose still look quite shiny and stayed up quite well through out the day.  They glide extremely well under shorts and trousers. 

In sunlight, the shimmer and shine is incredible! If you are looking to be stealthy, these pantyhose are not what you want, but if you're looking to stand out or just be glamorously awesome, these are right up your alley.

These are the gray/silver color

These are the skin color

The fit and feel are quite smooth, not grainy as some other shiny hosiery.  They feel so light, that you can hardly know that they're on and they don't feel heavy, hot or stuffy as most support hose do feel. In other words, quite breathable.   The seams are flat and comfortable and the reinforced toe doesn't cramp or dig in. The shine defines the legs very well and can be nearly glass-like in appearance. As mentioned earlier, these are support hosiery!  They feature a light graduated compression that helps support the legs without feeling too heavy. Though with only 10% Elastaine, it's at a bare minimum of support.

In conclusion, the over all fit and feel was light and airy with a killer shine for support pantyhose.  I don't know what Daymod has done, but they have it going and are doing it right in Turkey!  Fashion, support and glamor all in one without the "granny panty" look!


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