Saturday, September 2, 2017

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Hosiery Review: Glamory For Men - Thermoman 100 Footless Leggings

What I find satisfying these days is how more and more hosiery companies are finally getting on the men's hosiery bandwagon.  From the small niche companies to major players in the industry, leggings is what I believe is what opened men's hosiery to the mainstream.  Whether you wear for fashion, exercise, medical (in my case), fetish or whatever reason, this industry has exploded!  

Enter Glamory For Men Hosiery. Glamory offer a wide array of hosiery made specifically for men.  Some guys prefer footed hosiery, others prefer footless hosiery or leggings. I had the chance to review their Glamory For Men Support 40 pantyhose which you can find HERE. This time around, they sent me a pair of their Thermoman 100 leggings.  

Perfect for athletic activity such as running or working out, Glamory For Men Thermoman 100 legging provide good warmth and coverage and compression to keep your legs warm and protected.

These leggings when you order them only come in black. So, if you're looking for other color options, this isn't for you.  The leggings are 100 denier with a matte finish made with 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane, these are made with a snug fit in mind. Also, they come with a convenient fly.

Like before in my previous review, the packaging is well made to protect the hosiery along with a wide windows so you can see the color and quality of the hosiery. Complete with a sizing guide for any future purchases, it is best to research online. I was informed by Tim of Glamory that they have updated their sizing information for American customers.  

Sizing chart

To repeat from my previous review:

 "I did my homework and checked their sizing guide online. ...I asked for their "Large" EUR 44-46 (considering I'm a U.S. size 38 in pants size and 5ft 10ins in height) since I'm of an average size and build (and a bit of a tummy on me).  Their size range goes from "M" or medium all the way to a whopping XXXXL!!!

Instructions on how to put on your new hosiery

Inside, the leggings are wrapped around a robust card stock and well folded.  Also included is a wonderful instructional guide on how to don the leggings.

Once opened, you'll notice the matte finish, so shine shouldn't be a problem.  Also, you'll see that the seems are flat and the middle there's a comfort panel/gusset for the "male equipment". 

The convenient fly is a cool feature!  This comes in handy and is a great feature for us guys, but I have a problem with the design.  The problem I had is how far you have to stretch the fabric in order to use it.  I sometimes feel that I'm going to rip the fabric just to get everything in place.  I like the overall design because I don't have to worry about anything falling out, but I just feel that the with how far you have to stretch, it may cause problems in the future if you're not careful.

Once put on, the brief is VERY deep and stretchy, so there is plenty of room. Also, this section is thicker than the leg portion and comes all the way up to your navel. The waistband is non-constrictive and wide and doesn't roll.  After several wearings, I only had the waistband roll ONCE and that was under severe bending while I exercising.  

When putting these on, make sure to work the brief all the way to the top of the crotch. Failure to do so will cause the gusset portion to hang just slightly down and will be quite uncomfortable.  I know this may seem trivial, but I had this happen to me on a couple of occasions. The ankle bands on the leg bottoms are not constrictive

As a personal side note, shave your legs. I cannot stress this more.  Leg hair acts as a lubricant and will make your hosiery slide down.  Shaving your legs will help in keeping the leg portions in place.

These legging are warm!!!  They are perfect for working out, also good for winter cold protection!  

These leggings are not totally matte, so they do have a slight sheen. 

Over all, the feel is soft, yet durable! VERY durable! They also have some compression that you can feel in the calf areas.

The coverage is nearly total considering the 100 denier opaque yarn, but do expect to see some lightening in the knees. 

If you do have leg hair, there shouldn't be any worry of anything being seen.

In the gym or real life, these leggings stood up to A LOT including my dog! 


Compared to other leggings that you find in the sportswear store, these are much lighter and more breathable!  No logos, no fills, no fuss and LESS EXPENSIVE. Most men's leggings in this industry tend to go for $40 or MORE, these are not considering these are European made!  These are very affordable, comfortable, stylish and highly recommended. Vist Glamory today!!!