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JUST ARRIVED: Wolford Neon 40s

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This Says It All

HOSIERY REVIEW: Danskin Ultra Shimmery Tights

Growing up in the 1980's (I'm showing my age), we were bombarded with exercise shows, movies, videos and music shows that starred women in shiny tights and leotards. During those times, they were everywhere!  From "Working Girl" to "Perfect", pretty much any movie in the 80's, shiny hosiery was the thing to have.  Those shiny tights left a major impression on me.  A big impression!

Recently, I received 4 pairs of DanskinUltra Shimmery tights in their classic "Toast" color to try out and review.  Now, one would ask, why would any guy wear shiny dance tights for anything? Well, why not???  Expanding our fashion horizons and breaking social norms has been a bit of a mantra for me.  Yes, I combat Restless Leg Syndrome, but constantly wearing boring support hosiery gets old. So, I like to change things up once in a while and take a break from constrictive support hose. 

Danskin is a name synonymous with performance, exercise and dance. Their produc…

Just Arrived: DANSKIN Ultra Shimmery Tights

Just arrived from Amazon!
Cannot wait to test these out!

On a Kick

Ok, I'll admit it. I've been on a compression leggings kick all this week.  A lot of it has to do with softball practice, washing and drying my normal support hosiery and the easy of putting on. This last one is REALLY due to me being laid out due to severe back spasms.
So, I had these on for most of the week. I went with just straight black Under Armour/Reebok/Adidas leggings and went through part of my collection. 
So today, (now that I can move better and not get knocked on the floor with continuous spasms), I wanted something a little more breathable. Decided to go with the Glamory Hosiery Thermoman 100 leggings for men. 
You can read my review of these HERE!Sometimes, you just need a break from pantyhose.


#LOTD = Leggings of the Day
Sometimes I just need a break from support hosiery, but still need that support. So, today it's Under Armour leggings. Good fit, good support, sporty and my fav, good shine!

Adventures in Pain & Recovery