Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ocean City 2015

I originally posted ONE pic of my trip to Ocean City, Maryland on this blog, but never really elaborated on it. It's also taken me nearly 2 years to really get around to posting a video of my trip.  So, here you go!  Enjoy!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Boulevard Burgers & Brew

Now, I'm going to admit, my wife, Suzka and I are very picky when it comes to burgers.  Ever since the legendary, Bitter's Suite shut down back in the late 90's, we have been thoroughly searching for that "perfect" burger that had the same taste and flavor as Bitter's burgers.  I cannot tell you how many burger places we've tried.  We DID find a few places that have come VERY close!  When we saw this place go up, we were intrigued.  Was this gonna be yet another burger and beer joint or was this going to be special?

  What brought us to Scott's Addition to the new food mecca was our journey to the Annual Lebanese Food Fest or our lack of going to it due to the ridiculous traffic.  

This place when I ride by, is ALWAYS packed to the hilt.  Since it was a gorgeous, breezy and cool evening, we decided to eat outside. Our waitress was high energy, spunky and hilarious.  We ordered a couple of drinks: me, a Devil's Backbone "Kilt Flasher" Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, Suzka, a mix drink called an "Over the Edge".  The beer selection was exclusively Devil's Backbone for the night for a promotion going on.  

Devil's Backbone "Kilt Flasher" Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

Much like Richmond's very own Bottom's Up Pizza, this place will surely become distinctly "Richmond"!  Just like BUP, BB&B offers unique burger choices and flavors that would not seem to be the norm, but work extraordinarily well! I mean, DAMN WELL!!!  Suzka ordered a "Fatty D" and I ordered "The Belgian" and shared a large basket of onion rings (All sides are separate from burger orders.)

The best way to describe the "Fatty D" is that of eating sushi with all of its complex flavors. It is a flavor-bomb waiting to happen!!!  Medium burger (pink inside) with spicy Asian dry rub topped with slices of pickled ginger, cilantro, Nori (edible seaweed paper), tomato and wasabi Kim Kim aioli. This was the winner of the night!  The mix is complex, but the combo is just so satisfying!  I would honestly kick myself had I not tried it.

"The Belgian" is the best example of savory and sweet with a slight tang.  Simply made, it's a medium cooked burger (pink inside) topped with Hoegaarden caramelized onions, goat cheese and apricot jam.   Its simplicity in make and complexity in flavor makes this almost decadent to eat. It can cure that certain craving some people get. 

After all was done, we ordered a couple more drinks, Suzka the Sangria of the night and I a Devil's Backbone pilsner to go along with what was left of our onion rings.

Will we come back again?  DAMN RIGHT WE WILL!!! Great service, great food, great drink and great personality! We can't wait to explore more of the menu and enjoy! I have a feeling that Boulevard Burger & Brew will become an RVA legend in the same vein as Bottom's Up Pizza become a food landmark in Scott's Addition for the ages!

Visit there site!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

NEW Hosiery Review Index Page

Now that I'm doing more and more hosiery reviews, it was time I consolidated all of my reviews to one index and move it away from my other index (As popular as it is).  So now, I have a page that is a dedicated to indexing just my reviews!  You can find the tab for it on the main page with the other tabs. Hope this is helpful for you!

Check out my Hosiery Review Index HERE