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HOSIERY REVIEW- Daymod Venus 40s

Normally when I do reviews of hosiery, it's usually because I either: 1. Received hosiery from a company via talking with them on the internet/social media or 2. Buy them myself and decide to do a review for all of my fans.  But, today is a rare exception.  Today's review was sent to me via a fan of my blog and social media!  HOW COOL!!!  This is only the 2nd time this has happened and I am more that excited to bring this review to you. A BIG THANK YOU to my fan from Turkey for sending me these wonderful hosiery for me to trial and review!

For those that follow me knows that I'm a big fan of shiny hosiery. I'm even more excited when I'm able to trial and review hosiery that's both shiny AND has support since I normally wear support hosiery daily to control my Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).  Daymod hosiery presents this in the Venus 40 support pantyhose.
Daymod is a hosiery and sock company founded and based out of Turkey.  In their own words:

Daymod offers a wide …
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Daymod Sneek Peak

Shine on y'all!

Just Arrived From Turkey

Thanks to a generous super fan, these awesome hosiery arrived all the way from the wonderful country of Turkey! I cannot wait to trial and review these soon enough!So, keep checking in here in the up coming weeks for reviews and stylings! But first, I have a super busy weekend of volunteering activities to care of. Cheers y'all!

Best Quote Yet

For years, I would read or hear from other guys who wear hosiery that they wished wearing hosiery would be acceptable in society. I've been preaching that it is, all they to do is dress normal, act normal and don't draw too much attention to themselves. Pretty simple. Usually is starts with themselves.So, as I'm sitting here having my morning coffee and flipping through my social media, I come across something that proves my point. In other words, make your fashion boring, normal, not outrageous. You'd be surprised how people overlook something like this when you are your normal self doing normal things.

Coffee time

Nothing is more satisfying or relaxing than a cup of coffee. Today, it's Turkish (technically Bosnian) coffee. Evan though it takes a few minutes to boil up and prepare, the payoff is so worth it.So, now that I'm home, I took off my usual L'eggs Active Support pantyhose and switched them out for my Nordstrom Gloss pantyhose. I was in the mood to let my legs a rest from support compression and go for a nice, shinier look. Will regret it later? Maybe. Until then, I have dinner to fix up.

Fireside Chat

Recently, one of my followers on social media expressed concern as to why I haven't posted any pantyhose photos in a while. Now, I'll be honest, I was both touched by this as I was also concerned... albeit, taken aback.
Yes, I do realize I have a fetish following. That's just part of the business of being a hosiery blogger and of being your own hosiery model and I accepted that a long time ago. But, sometimes even I have problems getting good photos or having the right moment to do them, much less buying / obtaining new hosiery to promote or review.I am a father to 2 VERY ACTIVE kids. One is starting college this fall and the other a junior in high school. THEY KEEP ME SUPER BUSY!!! Wow!!! Then add my super active wife in the mix and you have a dad who is constantly volunteering (or volun-told) all the time. Just getting housework done is difficult at best (I swear, I'll get those dishes done).A new development happened that we found a new church home! I cannot describe…


My family and I like to shop at Goodwill from time to time. I mean, if take the take to look carefully, you can find some really good, fashionable buys at super cheap prices! Well, this shopping trip paid off even though I wasn't doing any real shopping. While perusing a store we normally don't go to (my wife was looking for a particular item and had searched 2 other stores), I came across these Danskin tights! These rights generally go for about $7-$12. They were unopened and IN MY SIZE!!! They both went for a whopping... wait for it... $1.99... EACH!!! WHAT A FIND!
Generally, you can find good hosiery in the shoe section, sometimes vintage hosiery that looks like they've been bought in the 80s. It's amazing what you find if you look hard enough.Needless to say, it was a wait well deserved while waiting for girls to finish with trying on clothes.For those wondering, the hosiery I was wearing?Danskin Ultra shimmery tights 🤣😁👍