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Saturday, December 30, 2017

On Approach

I've always considered myself a fairly approachable person. The usual "Type A", out-going personality open to conversation.  I love a good conversation, sometimes to the point of injecting myself into other's conversations. I'm usually open to questions, comments or compliments. 

Just the other day I was having a conversation with someone who actually had to gather the courage to talk to me?  Really? Am I that unapproachable? According to one friend, I seem like that because (according to him), I'm a "star".  Really?!?  Because of that, I seem unapproachable?  I'm no star, I'm just me, being myself. I don't bight... unless you piss me off.

Nothing irks me more is someone who I don't know just messages me, "Hi" or "Hello" and nothing else. It's like, throw a "Hi" and then hide!  If you have something to say, just say it! If you have a question, just ask it!  If someone just throws a "hi" or "hello" or "Yo!" and nothing else, sorry, I'm not a fish that bights.

Wanna get banned?  I've had peeps throw a "Hello" included with a dick pic!  Sorry guys, but you're not my type... EVER.   Not to mention, that's not my thing. Move along.

Those are the rules.  No, I'm not gonna send you personal pics.  No, I'm not gonna make a video because you asked.  I make 'em how and when I want!

Sorry, I'm not your fantasy, I'm what you aspire to be.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Modeling Hosiery

Being a hosiery reviewer is not as easy as it seems.  Being a reviewer takes noticing small minute details and knowing information about the company for whom you are reviewing.

But the hardest part of all really is being a model!  Oh sure!  All I got to do is just stand in front of the camera.  How hard is that?

A lot harder than you think.  First off, if you're by yourself (as I usually am in most situations), you got to have equipment (camera, stand... maybe, mobile phone with a decent camera) with either a timer or remote.  

Then you have to worry about setting or background.  A bad background can really take away from what you're trying to achieve or distract the viewer,

Next, you have to deal with shadows and lighting.  The photos shown here are mean't to show of my pantyhose and the high shine they produce.  So, I needed good direct sunlight since I had a real lack or need of a flash to produce the shine I wanted to show off.  Also, where I was standing, I was fighting shadows as well. So I decided to make the shadows work for me.

Then there is "the pose".  What pose or in what way do I want to stand in order to show off my pantyhose and that brilliant shine?  Sometimes, you may feel a bit goofy doing it, but it IS necessary to find that right look!  I took a ton of pics, but it was these few that really captured what I wanted.  

Then there is editing.  Editing the photos to take out what you DON'T want is key.  This is so important! By doing this, all you're doing is placing more focus on you.  You're scrapping unwanted shadows or distractions.  In addition, I added a "watermark" with my website address.  If someone decides to use your pic, well, why not advertise and show that this photo is yours!

But why did I do this?  Simple, I got tired of photos like this...

A photo taken from a camera on the ground. As a hosiery reviewer and model for my own reviews, it's time to take photos that look more professional and capture exactly what I want... and in many ways, what YOU want.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Poor Man's Neon 40's

For most of us in the realm of hosiery, Wolford's Neon 40's and their incredible shine is legendary and one of the most sought after hosiery by aficionados. Only Platino Cleancuts and Cecilia de Rafael Eternos come a close 2nd to Wolford.  

The ONLY down side to Wolford's Neon 40's is two things:  price and availability. For most of us, the $40+ price tag is just too much for one pair of pantyhose, but you do get what you pay for... high quality in make and look.  But what if there was another way to achieve that high shine and style for WAY LESS? There is!

Wolford's Neon 40's have a 40 denier thickness and look. To achieve this, I employ my goto support hosiery, L'eggs Active Support Pantyhose. You can use either suntan or nude colors.  Now, I know these have a high shine, but not enough to achieve the level of shine that Neon 40's have. So, I had to find pantyhose with a high shine and affordability to layer over my Active Supports.

While doing some Black Friday shopping, I found the perfect pantyhose to to layer over the Active Supports at Nordstrom. What I found was Nordstrom's own brand of Gloss pantyhose in "bronze" color.

I found these on sale for $36 for 3 packs at Nordstom and a 4 pack of L'eggs Active Support pantyhose on sale for $12.86 at One Hanes Place

By themselves, these 10 denier pantyhose are fabulous, smooth and have an extreme shine...

...but they lack the 40 denier appearance and they have an opaque brief.  Along with the L'eggs Active Support, which also sports a darker, more opaque control top, is not for people looking for something sheer to waist and should only be worn with shorts.

Once layered, the look is nothing short of amazing!

The look is so nearly glass-like, that the reflection off of the TV in low light was nothing short of stunning!

I didn't feel terribly hot or overstuffed, but they gave my legs a brilliant appearance along with the needed support that I need on a daily basis.  The combined shine of the Active Support and Gloss pantyhose just works!!!  Together, I roughly paid $15.00 (American) for this Wolford-styled look!  That's crazy cheap!!!

Couldn't really capture the shine, but this gives you an idea in normal lighting.

Paired up with a nice collared shirt and shorts, this could a great goto look for a nice evening with the family!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Vote For Me!!!

So, not only did I review their hosiery, I became an I See Your Legs Lifestyle Model!

Make sure to visit my page and vote for me!!!

HOSIERY REVIEW: I See Your Legs - Luxurious Legwear

"Tights to fit your lifestyle" is what is said on the front of the packaging. Too many times both men (who wear hosiery) and women would pack a spare pair of tights/pantyhose and they have to find some way of carrying them, especially NOT in their original packages in case of the dreaded rip or ladder/run.  Denmark's I See Your Legs sets out to change that by not only bringing you luxury hosiery, but by innovating how to market and carry them along with you!

I See Your Legs emphasizes their new packaging to fit your lifestyle.  Life happens and having "an ideal solution in case of any unexpected event" is perfect for someone who needs a spare on the spot without bulky packaging.  Their distinctive gold packaging is perfect for anyone on the go. Easy to open, easy to store away, easy to carry along.  This is what hosiery lovers need to be on the go. 

What I also love is that they are catering BOTH genders!!!  They WANT MEN as well as women and I find this VERY refreshing! They aren't getting on the bandwagon, they ARE the bandwagon by recognizing that there is a huge base of male hosiery customers and I'm ecstatic that they're catering to us guys as well! This honesty is so wonderful!

Opening the packaging is easy without any threat to the product inside.  Once opened, what you have is fine, Italian made hosiery.  Personally, I've become quite fond, if not spoiled by European made hosiery and these are no exception!  The hosiery comes wrapped around a robust cardstock business card-like card. The card congratulates you for purchasing an original I See Your Legs product and also provides wash and care instructions.

The other side of the card tells of the contest they hold along with social media information.

The back side of the packaging contains sizing information, which goes as high as 6ft 1in tall.  I got size "5" (Maxi) since I am 5ft 10in. and a bit robust for this review.

These wonderful Italian made hosiery are soft to the touch, 20 denier and matte in finish (with a slight sheen) along with having flat seems.  Most sizes have a cotton gusset, but the size "5-Maxi" has an extra rear panel that does away with the cotton gusset.  The legs are full boarded and shaped for better fit and completely sheer to waist with heavily reinforced toes. 

88% Polyamide, 12% Elastaine 

They come in only two colors:

Black and Nude

The waistband is soft and wide (approx. 4cm) and a 4cm wide finger band.  The best part about this?  One: The waistband doesn't cut into you, Two: You can easily fold it over if you wish not to have it all the way up.  On the back of the waistband is the I See Your Legs tag, so you know it's an original product.

I'm used to tight fitting support pantyhose, so this was a pleasant surprise when I donned these tights.  Light as a feather, yet durable! Smooth feel, beautiful finish, but for those looking for support, sadly these do not have it.  Me personally, I would wear them layered on top of my support hose for a more fashionable look.

The reinforced toes were not binding at all. The flat seem along the toes do not bight into your toes at all.

These are the nude colored pantyhose layered on top of a pair of support pantyhose

Same combo as above...

I did wear the black pair by itself without a support layer.  You really don't feel them on you except around the brief area. It's literally like wearing a 2nd skin and that's what's you want.  My only complaints is with the extra seems that forms the gusset/back panel.  After a while (if not put on right) do become a bit annoying, but that's me personally. After a wash and 2nd trial, everything felt just right!  I only had to readjust once through out the day, but that was due to me doing a lot of  moving around. Over all, they stayed in place rather well. They are truly the perfect, classy tights for your outfits!

In conclusion, if you're looking for good luxurious fashion with innovative Dane packaging that's easy to take on the go, then I highly recommend I See Your Legs!